IT security awareness training from Robert Schifreen.

A one-day course, presented to your staff anywhere in the UK. Invite as many people as you like.

Alternatively, order the courseware and have your IT training department teach it in-house.

Which option works best for you?

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About SecuritySmart

A complete course in a day, for all your employees, by industry expert Robert Schifreen.

95 Topics

SecuritySmart's in-depth course is non-technical and easy for everyone to understand. It was researched and developed over more than 2 years and comprises no less than 95 topics.

It will enable your staff to understand, and protect you from: ransomware; CEO and invoice fraud; tech support scams; viruses and malware; and much, much more, to ensure that your company's IT and information remains safe.

With every important topic covered, it really is the most complete course there is, at a highly affordable price.

Your choice of delivery

To suit your business requirements, choose from either our courseware licence or presentation by Robert Schifreen in person.

For just £1,249, Robert will deliver the one-day course in person, at your premises or anywhere else in the UK. Include as many attendees as you wish. There's plenty of time for Q&As, and a site licence for the complete courseware manual is included.

If you prefer to have your own IT training department deliver the course, you can purchase a courseware site licence for only £95.

Your Training Explained

When presented by Robert Schifreen, the SecuritySmart course lasts one day (typically 9.30am to 4.30pm) with breaks and lunch.

If you are presenting the course yourself you can of course spread the material over a longer period, or even turn it into a series of emails, videos, intranet pages, and more. With this flexible approach, you can conduct the course as you wish, to work most effectively in your organisation.

  • The complete package

    An award-winning IT security awareness training course.

  • Expert training

    Developed by internationally known expert Robert Schifreen.

  • Non-Technical

    Specifically designed for staff at all levels of seniority, in departments such as marketing, sales, finance, HR and more.

  • It really works.

    An informative, educational and entertaining day of training.

  • Choice Of Delivery

    Choose a courseware licence for £95 or a full day with Robert Schifreen for just £1,249.

  • Comprehensive

    Gives all of your staff the skills they need to act as your human firewall. More than 95 topics covered.

  • Compliance

    Helps satisfy GDPR and ISO27001 compliance.

  • Affordable

    The most affordable product on the market, starting at just £95.

Robert Schifreen

Robert Schifreen is one of the most famous hackers in the world. His Crown Court trial in the 1980s led to a change in UK law and an appearance in the House of Lords.

Since then he’s been a distinguished writer, trainer, researcher, consultant and broadcaster on all aspects of Information security and online safety, and has appeared on national and international radio and tv more than 500 times.

Choose from our simple pricing plans


We supply the courseware for your own in-house training staff to deliver.


exc VAT

  • For delivery by a competent IT trainer
  • Courseware and trainer notes provided in PDF format
  • Perpetual site licence for your company.
  • A superb course, that will improve your information security and GDPR compliance.
  • Already used successfully by many high-profile UK organisations.

Presentation in person

Robert Schifreen will deliver the complete SecuritySmart course
in person for your staff.


exc VAT

  • A full day of training, anywhere in the UK.
  • Includes full courseware licence.
  • Invite as many delegates as you wish.
  • Want to use the courseware to train other staff after Robert's session? Not a problem.
  • Suitable for all. Not technical.
  • Opportunity for Q&A's throughout.
  • It's free to change your mind! Businesses who buy the courseware and subsequently opt for personal presentation by Robert Schifreen will be credited the full courseware fee.

How to Order The SecuritySmart Training Programme

For information on how to order the courseware or to arrange for Robert Schifreen to deliver the SecuritySmart course to your company, please use the form to give us your details. We promise not to divulge your information to anyone else.

If you prefer, you can reach us directly by email.

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